Here's how it works.


Send me your copy

All illustrations start with your copy.  I will read your story, develop several roughs around the focus of your topic, and then present them to you for verification before proceeding to the pencils.  At that point you will have the opportunity to review and edit your image one more time before the final inking.  Color can be added for an additional fee.  Send your copy to:


We strive to work around your deadlines, and once you’ve settled upon the rough you like, you can usually expect the line art within a couple of days.  Please allow an additional day or two for color.


Because of the varying complexities of editorials, prices are based upon the approximate time I think it will take me to get from roughs to finished, inked drawings.  My hourly fee is $65 per hour.  Payments can be made securely through PayPal by clicking the link below.

Delivery and Format

All ink drawings are scanned at 300dpi and are sent to you via email in any format you desire.  Please specify any additional requirements (i.e. size, resolution, file type) that relates to your specific graphics department.  The final art is delivered once I see the payment go through PayPal.


paypal_creditMy PayPal account is the same as my email:  You don’t need a PayPal account yourself to make a payment, just a credit card.  All transactions are secure.