Who is this guy?


Ed Hall is a cartoonist and political illustrator whose work has been featured in publications including USA Today, TIME magazine, Newsweek, the Washington Post and the LA Times. He’s been awarded a multitude of press and Fine Arts awards in the USA and internationally.  His work has been exhibited in the Warhol Gallery in Pittsburgh, and The American University Gallery in Washington D.C.  Ed started his creative education at an early age, learning independently and taking classes before enrolling in an Architecture degree. However it soon became apparent that it was art, not Architecture, that was his true love, so Ed switched to Graphic Design, which he later followed up with a Masters in painting.  His enthusiasm for Fine Art can be seen in the quality of Ed’s drawings, keen observation and frequent use of a vigorous, freehand style.  Let Ed read your copy and create a unique, individual vision for whatever story you want to tell!